Feeling this so hard right now. Junot Diaz is the truth.

"Part of the problem with what we call the ‘movements’ is that we are still fully powering up a lot of the privileges of the shit we are fighting against. There is nobody more fucked up about cuteness than progressive people I know. God forgive if someone is conventionally attractive among progressive groups. […] We want a lot of good things,  we want a lot of change, but we also carry a lot of pathologies that fuck us all up. And we protect our privileges, if you’re that cute motherfucker in the group, you’re never attacking the privilege of cuteness. No you’re not. You’re not like, oh don’t give me that attention, oh don’t pass me the mic, oh no no don’t put me in charge of shit, don’t stay up all night talking to me! What links progressive people to the most rabid right wing lunatic (sorry for ableist language), is how gleefully we exercise our privileges. And the funny thing is: we all have a blind spot around our privileges shaped exactly like us. Most of us will identify privileges that we know we can live without, we will throw shit down like it’s an ace, and it’s actually a 3. I understand, You grow up and you live a life where you feel like you haven’t had shit, the last thing you want to give up are the things you really want to hold onto […] we are never gonna get anywhere as long as our economies of attraction continue to resemble more or less the economies of attraction of white supremacy…

…Finding people who practice decolonial love is as hard inside of a vast movement as it is outside, the actual standard of decolonial love: how little discussed, how little understood and yet in many ways is the great test of who we are, of our praxis and our communal praxis, so you know, we’ll see.”

– Junot Diaz keynote speech at Facing Race Conference 2012

(Source: youtube.com)

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    I was actually compelled by the argument than I thought I would be. What he’s talking about is trying to erase any sense...
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    Full keynote here. (Full disclosure: I haven’t watched it yet.) This is interesting.
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